Doom’s Great Reception

Doom is one of those games that has, over the years, managed to develop an extraoprdinary cult following. It is one of the most appreciated games of the older generation of gamers, so it is perfectly understandable why many of them looked upon the new version of the game with trepidation. It turns out that that fear was largely unfounded, with the new version receiving a response that was about as positive as could be expected. The game succeeded, to a degree, in capturing the magic that was the original game, with a very intense gaming experience that is incredibly challenging.

The game offers a long campaign mode that has 5 different difficulty levels, stretching from the incredibly easy “I’m to young to die”, where there is a fairly good chance that most gamers will get through it without dying once, to the insanely hard “ultra nightmare” level, which is a rehash of the original’s “nightmare” version. The “ultra nightmare” version only gives you one life to get through the entire game, and the developers made it so hard that none of them could actually do it.