Although a PS5 Might not Happen, PS4.5 is Set to be Released

While our most recent article provided quotes from Playstation representatives saying that a PS5 wasn’t a guarantee, we’ve also seen the announcement of a PS4.5 being set to be released.

The reason why this new model is called the 4.5 rather than the 5 is similar to why most tech companies will produce newer versions of products as .1 or whatever instead of the next in the series; there simply isn’t enough of a distinction between the two. That being said, there are some pretty important differences between the 4 and the 4.5.

The most substantial difference between the two consoles is going to be the support the 4.5 provides for 4k resolution. This is a pretty big step forward for console games graphics, and could see the quality reach greater parity with PCs.

Besides this big improvement, the hardware is going to generally see some pretty big overhauls. It will provide greater support for VR games, which is going to be a big area of development in the future of gaming. We are also going to find it performing faster too.