No Man’s Sky – An Opportunity for an Adventure

No Man’s Sky is an, as of now, yet to be released game, but the initial look at what the game offers its users seems to offer people a lot of promise. Made by an independent gaming company, it has what is perhaps the most extensive world of any game ever made.

The world of No Man’s Sky is a galaxy; you play an explorer going round to various planets, discovering (and naming) wildlife, resources and planets. Although the game is technically multiplayer, with the game universe being large enough that even if a planet is discovered every second, it’ll take 585 billion years to find them all, the chances of randomly encountering another player is very remote. Even intending to meet another player of the game will likely take a long time and be very difficult, although as the game gets explored more and more, players will likely find focal points for people to gather around.


Bundled Games: A Great Money Saving Option

If you’ve had any experience with gaming, then you’ve likely experienced how expensive it can be. If you’re a bit savvy about it there are numerous ways to reduce the costs of your hobby though, and one of the best is to buy bundled game packages.

You find that a lot of the smaller gaming developer companies will bundle a number of their older games together in a package occasionally. This means that you could get ten games which, when bought individually could cost you £50, could be bought for £20 or even cheaper occasionally.

The only real downside to this money saving option is that it could include only a couple of games that you’re actually interested in, with the rest being a pointless purchase. In this situation you could find yourself overpaying for the games you wanted, but it could also mean that you end up with a number of surprisingly good games too.

Midweek Madness – The Best Reason to Be a Steam User

Being a steam user brings a lot of benefits to PC gamers, but perhaps the biggest and most important is actually the Midweek Madness – the weekly release of incredible deals on games. Every week Steam provide users with a pop-up of the best current deals, showing how some games have got a a 30-90% discount if you buy them within a given period. This means that games which were £20 can now be bought for £2! Truly, this is an incredible opportunity for the frugal gamers out there. The midweek madness doesn’t just cover games; we also see a number of early release games providing people with a few days free of charge within that period.

Midweek madness is just one of many reasons why you should download the Steam platform. You get access to an extensive list of games, easy management of your library, a great community with the option to find and join up with like minded individuals interested in the same game and read reviews of game pre-purchase to make sure that you’re making the right decision. There is a massive number of high quality F2P games on the system as well, so even those who don’t want to spend money can enjoy themselves.

Using Steam – An Essential For Anybody Interested in Starting PC Gaming


If you’ve been playing on consoles for a long time, the urge may arise to start playing games on your PC. This is greatly encouraged, as PC gaming is, quite frankly, better. You have better gaming options, better interaction with other gamers, and greater opportunities to play games to really high specifications. Console gamers had to wait for the newest generation of consoles before they could play games at really high FPS and graphics, while PC gamers had been able to play to those specifications and even better. This trend is only expected to continue.

Steam is one of the most essential things for anybody interested in gaming to get. It is a free program which you can install on your computer which has a thriving gaming community, an online store, downloadable mods (which modify games to improve graphics and make strange things happen) manageable games library, and a large number of free games available for download.

PS4 PS Plus Monthly Games


Playing games can be an expensive hobby, which is why having cost saving measures can be really great for gamers. One of these methods for reducing your costs is to take advantage of the free games offered through playstation store; anybody with a PS plus subscription can download a monthly game for free. It can be a bit counter-intuitive, but paying for a PS plus subscription can actually save you money.

Currently the games which are available through your Playstation plus subscription for PS4 are Metal Gear Solid Ground Zero and Driveclub. Both of these games are pretty good, with Driveclub being one of the most highly anticipated driving games on PS4 yet. The total value of these games, if you were to buy them brand new, is around £40 put together, so it is a pretty good deal.