Brilliant Black Friday Deals for Gamers

Black Friday is very much a tradition we have borrowed from America, but it has now really taken a hold in the UK. Retailers everywhere are now rolling out deals ahead of the big day, and as usual, there are some excellent bargains to be had. Black Friday is also accompanied by Cyber Monday, another good time to buy games and technology. Gamers everywhere are now looking forward to both days as they can mean some heavily discounted prices for people wanting to buy news games. Microsoft have already announced that they will be discounting some of their most popular games, like Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4. They are still waiting to announce their price crunches on other bestselling games for the Xbox One, like Call of...
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Nintendo Stock Going Crazy with Pokemon Go Introduction

Nintendo, one of the largest games companies in the world, has significantly dropped from its previously preeminent position in the game developer world. The introduction of their new game, Pokemon Go, has seen widespread attraction from gamers and the general public, and some of the most poignant evidence of this is the massive boost in Nintendo’s stock price since it started its global rollout. In the UK, USA, and other places Pokemon Go has also inspired some rabid behaviour from some of their users, with reports of Hospitals having to ban the game from the premises due to people trying to catch Pokemon in A&E, and people jumping out of their car in a busy street in New York in order to catch Pokemon in Central Park. Similar stories have...
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Doom’s Great Reception

Doom is one of those games that has, over the years, managed to develop an extraoprdinary cult following. It is one of the most appreciated games of the older generation of gamers, so it is perfectly understandable why many of them looked upon the new version of the game with trepidation. It turns out that that fear was largely unfounded, with the new version receiving a response that was about as positive as could be expected. The game succeeded, to a degree, in capturing the magic that was the original game, with a very intense gaming experience that is incredibly challenging. The game offers a long campaign mode that has 5 different difficulty levels, stretching from the incredibly easy “I’m to young to die”, where there is a fairly good...
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Although a PS5 Might not Happen, PS4.5 is Set to be Released

While our most recent article provided quotes from Playstation representatives saying that a PS5 wasn’t a guarantee, we’ve also seen the announcement of a PS4.5 being set to be released. The reason why this new model is called the 4.5 rather than the 5 is similar to why most tech companies will produce newer versions of products as .1 or whatever instead of the next in the series; there simply isn’t enough of a distinction between the two. That being said, there are some pretty important differences between the 4 and the 4.5. The most substantial difference between the two consoles is going to be the support the 4.5 provides for 4k resolution. This is a pretty big step forward for console games graphics, and could see the quality reach...
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According to Sony, a PS5 is not Necessarily going to Happen

According to Sony, developing a PS5 is not something that is necessarily going to happen. According to Shuhei Yoshida, it’s not a “when”, but an “if”, when it comes to¬† an eventual release of a next generation console. Fans of console gaming may be asking where this indecision is coming from, but once you understand some of the general trends in the world of gaming then it begins to make sense. While all gaming has been growing ever since the 80’s when consoles first started being produced, consoles have been steadily losing market share, in terms of a percentage of the total gaming industry, to PC gaming and other smaller devices (smartphones and tablets). Shuhei’s indecision¬† was accompanied by an explanation which hints at this being part of the reason,...
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Choosing Used Games for your Next Gen Console

Many people argue that cheap Xbox One games lack exciting features and game modes but that couldn't actually be further from the truth. You can buy quality titles at very low prices if you know where to look, and whether you opt to buy second-hand games or older, established titles, there are plenty of affordable options.