Using Steam – An Essential For Anybody Interested in Starting PC Gaming


If you’ve been playing on consoles for a long time, the urge may arise to start playing games on your PC. This is greatly encouraged, as PC gaming is, quite frankly, better. You have better gaming options, better interaction with other gamers, and greater opportunities to play games to really high specifications. Console gamers had to wait for the newest generation of consoles before they could play games at really high FPS and graphics, while PC gamers had been able to play to those specifications and even better. This trend is only expected to continue.

Steam is one of the most essential things for anybody interested in gaming to get. It is a free program which you can install on your computer which has a thriving gaming community, an online store, downloadable mods (which modify games to improve graphics and make strange things happen) manageable games library, and a large number of free games available for download.

PS4 PS Plus Monthly Games


Playing games can be an expensive hobby, which is why having cost saving measures can be really great for gamers. One of these methods for reducing your costs is to take advantage of the free games offered through playstation store; anybody with a PS plus subscription can download a monthly game for free. It can be a bit counter-intuitive, but paying for a PS plus subscription can actually save you money.

Currently the games which are available through your Playstation plus subscription for PS4 are Metal Gear Solid Ground Zero and Driveclub. Both of these games are pretty good, with Driveclub being one of the most highly anticipated driving games on PS4 yet. The total value of these games, if you were to buy them brand new, is around £40 put together, so it is a pretty good deal.

Witcher 3 Has Now Been Released


The Witcher 3 is a new instalment in The Witcher franchise of games which has received some widespread popularity in the gaming world. This new game promises to be an even bigger hit than the previous ones, with many people drawing comparisons between The Witcher 3 and the much loved Skyrim.

The game is set to be released tomorrow, May the 19th throughout the UK. Its price is set at £44 currently, and will likely stay at a relatively high price for some time due to the massive size of the game, promising as much as 150 hours of playable content (not that you need to do all of it).

The game itself is another open world game, which is increasingly becoming the norm among RPGs. It takes place in a war-torn world where you play as one of the few monster hunters remaining. While settlements are getting destroyed around you, you need to take the battle to the enemy, a dark force which is an even greater threat than the war waging between the Northern states and the Empire of Nilfgaard.

So you Want to Buy Pre-Owned Xbox Games?


There are a great number of gamers that are hesitant to purchase pre-owned games out of the fear that the game will not work within their system. Microsoft does an incredible job of making sure that its Xbox One is able to support game sharing and pre-owned games.

The buying and selling of used games is supported

With the Xbox One, the playing of pre-owned gamed. This will enable gamers to purchase used games and therefore it’s reasonable to conclude that gamers will be able to sell them as well. It has been proposed that Microsoft would charge a minute re-activation fee in order to use pre-owned games. The gaming conglomerate has been doing its best to dispel the rumors surrounding the fees.

Microsoft also supports game sharing, eliminating the hesitation amongst gamers when it comes to simply borrowing games or registering with game rental programs and companies. Continue reading

Mortal Kombat X on the Xbox One and PS4


Mortal Kombat X is set to be one of the biggest releases this year, and the title is making its debut on next gen consoles this March. There is all new gameplay this time round, and this may worry fan favourites, but this time two of the most popular characters take centre stage; Scorpion and Sub-Zero.

Loyal fans may be pleased to hear that the energy meter is back this time, and it gives players the opportunity to perform devastating techniques including X-Ray moves. The original storyline introduces new challengers, while the online play allows you to battle plenty of fellow fighters to claim the ultimate crown of Kombat.

There’s no doubt about it, this game will take some getting used to, even for the Mortal Kombat fanatics, and we predict it to be just as successful as the previous versions, if not more.